What We Do

We move our clients from chaos to quality. And because chaos didn't happen overnight - neither does quality. We advocate a measured, phased, and disciplined approach to managing the journey from chaos to quality.

We do not start with a predefined solution. We start where you are. This requires that we listen first, ensure that we completely understand both your environment and your challenges. It is not uncommon for us to provide the client with a different solution than ourselves -

Secondly, as our logo demonstrates, our clients are facing a veritable tsunami and the resulting demands to stay afloat above the flood. - the wave has varied from terabytes of data to tons of radioactive samples. - and more often than not circumstances have forced our clients into a situation where they are "too busy bailing to navigate."

Every MBA will tell you plan, test do, repeat. but in the real world except for the largest capitalized companies, the resources are not available to accomplish this.

How we can help you

  • We excel at dispelling the confusion - we bring order through creating a clear picture of your current environment. From here we can determine what is critical, what is priority, and what is distraction.
  • We then work with you to understand where you need to be (regulatory compliance or industry standards). This provides an "as Is" and an ultimate destination. Together we develop the road map using a budget conscious, process based approach. How you implement the solution demands as much quality as the solution itself.
  • New technology never solves anything by itself. Process based implementation of new technology solves many problems. How many technology vendors have recommended a new solution without taking to account the difficulty of managing change in your environment.
  • Whether you need a NQA-1 QMS from the ground up or a basic quality management program that stabilizes your environment - we have the experience.