E. Dow Davidson

E. Dow Davidson
  • Achieved the distinction of having designed and developed two of the three existing sample management facilities for the United States Department of Energy high-level waste isolation program in the United States.  Additionally, developed a Sample Management Facility that houses hazardous environmental restoration samples at Los Alamos National Laboratory. 
  • Over twenty five years comprehensive hands-on experience in various federal science programs. Proven ability to excel in the multidisciplinary science/engineering environments found within the framework of United States Department of Energy programs. Have confirmed the capability to step into new technical program areas and rapidly produce valid results. Have worked on multidisciplinary teams associated with entities ranging from National Laboratories, Federal Departments, Universities and Museums, to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  • Exceptional diversified experience in various environmental and high-level nuclear waste isolation (10 CFR 50 App. B – NQA-1) Quality Assurance positions. Responsible for the creation of an NQA-1 quality program for the host county of the Yucca Mountain High-level Nuclear Waste Repository that was accepted by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
  • Experienced in the interpretation of Federal requirements associated with geoscience sample-related activities such as geologic drilling, sample handling and collection, shipment and archiving, and laboratory analysis and testing. Have conducted numerous evaluations and audits of geochemistry laboratories.  Have audited NASA Class 1 Flight Hardware suppliers. Succeeded as an applied scientist while working as an archaeological field director for the Bishop Museum in Hawaii.

Matt Halsey

  • Architecting a business intelligence (BI) solution for a key client with a 6-month ROI of $1M by implementing real-time BI on 25,000 VARs and meeting real-time inventory demands geographically.
  • Successfully beating out 31 other international architectural firms for the building of Saudi Arabia’s first trading floor by authoring a questionnaire for Tokyo’s largest architectural firm, which resulted in Fusion’s being awarded an ongoing “retainer” contract with architectural firm
  • Project managing an ECM implementation for Japan’s leading filtration manufacturer, reducing monthly, quarterly, and ad hoc reporting from 2 weeks (4 resources each spending 55+ hours per week) to 5 minutes.
  • Training an executive-level Nissan employee to persuade C. Ghosn to move the launch date of the Nissan Cube in Europe, which was the first time as CEO he had ever been persuaded to push back a release date; the student was promoted within Nissan based on his successes .
  • Inheriting and playing a role in turning around a major project plagued by schedule issues, transitioning the initiative to a new project manager with a reputation for completing projects ahead of schedule
  • Saving $2.8M on the initial budget by persuading the CFO that the vendor was overcharging client for services, which led to the selection of a new vendor with additional savings on the entire project.
  • Providing critical support during the rollout of Platinum Services in Japan and Koreathrough collaborating with the entire Dell Japan and Dell Korea technical account management organizations (Dell, Inc.).